Summit Day 1, 21 March 2017

Opening Session

Plenary 1: Financial Inclusion: The Changing Landscape in Asia-Pacific

Panel 1: Connecting the Last Mile: A DFS Reality Check

Panel 2: Financial Inclusion: The Next Generation

Panel 3: Leaving No One Behind

Plenary 2: Harnessing Change to Accelerate Financial Inclusion

Summit Day 2, 22 March 2017

Plenary 3: Regulation and Supervision for Inclusive Innovation

Panel 4: Digital Financial Services in the Fintech Era

Panel 5: The Future of Financing for MSMEs

Panel 6: Using the blockchain to drive financial inclusion

Panel 7: Rural and Agriculture Finance and Commercial Payments in Vietnam

Panel 8: Building Trust and Overcoming Barriers in DFS

Panel 9: Achieving SDG5: Gender Equality and Financial Inclusion

Plenary 4: A New Age of Collaboration

Closing Session

Summit Scenes

Summit Highlights


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